How To Soften The Hands

Hands are the one of the prominent part of the body which gets the attraction of others, normally skins of our hands gets rough which needs our special attention and care. Women normally remain conscious to make their hands beautiful and soft.

Skin Care
Beautiful Hands

Following is the home made herbal treatment to take care of your hands and skin:

  1. Take 10 ml of Lemon Juice.
  2. mix it with 10 ml of Glycerin
  3. keep this lotion at a cold place like refrigerator
  4. Apply this lotion 3 to 4 times a day to make them beautiful and soft.

This herbal lotion is natural skin cleanser and can safely be used on face, feet , arms,lips and on other parts of the body.

Skin Whitening Lotion ( Removes black and pink spots)

Sometimes pink and black spots starts appearing on the skin which looks odd even our hands and skin are very soft and attractive, to remove these spots from your skin use the following home made skin whitening lotion:

  1. Turmeric is natural remedy for many diseases, take few grams of Turmeric powder.
  2. take few grams of Gram flour (other names of Gram flour are chickpea flour, garbanzo bean flour and besan)
  3. Mix the above mentioned both ingredients well and then add milk in it ( it will be preferable if milk is creamy and fresh)
  4. Apply this paste for 15 minutes on the body area where skin color is dark, and contains spots
  5. Repeat this process twice a week to make your skin white and to remove the pink and black spots

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