Home Remedies for Weak Memory

Memory is the function of our brain which is referred to the ability to remember any thing, this ability may vary from  person to person, Rich memory is also considered as good health of human brain.

What ever we see,listen and experience in our daily life, is stored in our brain, good sleep is an effective measure to keep the brain healthy.

Classifications of Memory

There are two classifications of memory:

  1. Long Term or Permanent Memory : Represents the memories of your past like events of your childhood ,your first day in college,your first job experience,your career growth etc.
  2. Short Term or Temporary Memory : Represents the memories that belong to your daily routine like Names, faces,telephone numbers etc. Temporary memory gets converted into Permanent memory with the passage of time however weak brain remains unable to convert the temporary memory into Permanent memory
Herbal Tips for Mind Weakness
Home Remedy Mind weakness

How to Improve Memory ?

There are several physical,mental exercises which can help to boost the memory and along with these exercises there are many herbal remedies that also support to enhance the brain health.

Physical Exercise

Try to get involved in some physical activities like Walking, jogging , games or exercise, it will increase the blood flow to your brain and will keep it healthy. Exercise is very helpful to keep you smart as well.

Have a Good Sleep

Brain needs almost 7 to 8 hours good sleep on daily basis to move the events,memories,attractions and experiences of that day from Short term memory to Permanent Memory. Any person who continuously takes less sleep is called Insomnia patient , Insomnia patients normally face difficulty to recall their Short Term memory and often you will find them complaining about the loss of memory .

Remember Things Through Reference

Our brain is a complex invention of our creator, A very good mental exercise to enhance the memory is to ‘Remember the things through their reference‘.

for example, if someone asks you to write down the name of any flower which has red color, most of the people will mention only 1 name which is “Rose”, because their brain would also have created a reference between red color and a flower having red color.

Second Example , it is very difficult to remember the name of other people, if you map the physical appearance of this person with his name then you will never forget his name. Suppose Mr. X wears the dirty dress on daily basis,when ever you will meet any other person with dirty dress your brain will remind you the name of Mr.X.


Improve Your Memory Through Chunking

Chunking is well known method that boosts the Short Term memory, In this techniques long strings like telephone numbers are divided in small chunks so that these could be made easier to get remembered.

Example : if your friend Mr.X meets you in park after 20 years and he gives you his cell number like +923333085695, you can divide the cell number into followings chunks to keep them remebered:

+92 = Country code

333 = mobile phone service provider

308  569  5 = is number of your colleague (Mr. X)

Now whenever your heart will demand you to call your old buddy Mr. X, you will have to just re-assemble the above mentioned Chunks. Following is the sample snapshot of Chunking technique.

exercise for short memory
Chunking exercise for short memory


Meditation is the process of “looking into inner self” , during this exercise we try to focus and concentrate on only one agenda or issue, this concentration enhance the mind and memory power.

Supporting Diet For Brain Health

followings are home made remedies of memory weakness and brain weakness:

Brain Weakness treatment Through Almonds

Almonds are very effective dry fruits to keep your brain healthy,

  1. Take water in a cup and add 7 Almonds in it before you go to sleep, in morning take-off the peel of almonds and eat them.
  2. Take 100 grams Almonds,100 grams Fennel and 100 gram of crystallized sugar lumps, ,mix all them and grind  well, use 1 tea spoon of this mixture with water before going to sleep. It is very effective to increase your brain’s  health and will also help to increase your eye sight.

Add this diet in your daily diet plan , it will support to boost the health of your brain.

Brain Weakness Treatment Through Poppy seeds

Poppy Seeds are the seeds of opium poppy, Afghanistan is a big producer of Opium Poppy, this crop is normally considered as mother of narcotic drugs however its seeds (Poppy Seeds) can be used in little quantity for brain weakness.

  • Take 6 grams Seeds of Gourd pumpkin
  • Take 3 grams of Poppy Seeds
  • Take 2 Grams of Weat
  • and 7 almonds

Mix and grind all the above mentioned ingredients and dip them in water for whole night , in morning add 1 cup of milk in it and drink it.

use this herbal remedy maximum 2 or 3 times in a week.

Note : DO NOT take this more than 3 times a week.

Brain Weakness Remedy Through Honey

Honey is very effective for our general health, eat 1 tea spoon of honey once in a day to boost the health.

Alternatively, you can add 7 almonds in honey in night and in morning eat the honey along with the almonds, it will boost your brain’s health.

Brain Weakness Remedy Through Ginger  Powder

Dry Ginger powder is being used in eastern foods since centuries, Ancient cultures use the ginger powder as herbal remedy for many diseases, following is the home made herbal remedy for the memory weakness:

  • Take 50 grams of Dry Ginger Powder
  • Mix the above mentioned dry ginger powder in 100 grams of honey

Eat 1/4 tea spoon on daily basis, it will will increase your memory, beside the brain weakness this herbal remedy is very effective for cough as well.


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