Home Remedies for Stomach Worm

Stomach Worms or Intestinal Worms

Stomach Worms are the flat parasitic insects that grow and live in human intestine , these parasites are are called stomach worms, intestinal worms or simply Tapeworms,  Its larvae gets injected in human body through under cooked meal and some times through contaminated water. Children are the easy target of these Tapeworms. There are many medicines available in market which can be used to kill the tapeworm in humans however herbal home remedies are considerably easy to use and have no side effects as compared to other medicines.

Stomach Worms
Home Remedy for intestinal worms

Symptoms of Tapeworms

There are no obvious symptoms of Tapeworms however some people may have following symptoms:

  1. Abdominal pain or discomfort
  2. Irregular desire of appetite like some people may face Loss of Appetite and some may face Excessive Appetite.
  3. Lack of Blood or Anemia
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Weight loss
  6. General Weakness ( even patient may have been taking excessive appetite )
  7. Vomiting
  8.  Teeth Grinding during sleep
  9. Excretion of worms along with stools

Home Remedies of Tapeworms

Followings are the home remedies for tapeworms:

Tapeworms Remedy Through Castor Oil

Kamala also known as Kamcela or Mallotus is a very well known herb that is found in India, Australia,Philippines ,Malaysia , Papua New Guinea ,China and some parts of Arab countries.

take 3 grams of Kamala powder and eat this with a sweet milk before going to bed, in morning add 1 table spoon Castor Oil in milk and drink this milk.

Repeat the remedy for 3 to 4 days , it will kill the Tapeworms.

Tapeworms Remedy Through Peach Leaves Juice

Peach fruit is very delicious in taste and contains lot of health benefits including relief from constipation , Earache , along these benefits it is very much effective to kill the Stomach Worms or Intestinal Worms.

Grind few leaves of Peach Tree along with black pepper, mix water in it to make the juice. For children you can add little sugar in it for sweetening purpose.

Repeat the remedy for few days , in addition eating peach on daily basis remove the tapeworm from intestine and keeps you healthy.

Tapeworms Remedy Through Carom and Honey

Carom is a herbal product that is used to enhance digestive system specially to treat indigestion and bloatedness. Eating Carom with honey on daily basis kills the Tapeworms that reside in stomach or intestine. This herbal treatment is being used since centuries in eastern way of medical treatment.


Tapeworms Remedy Through Cumin

Cumin is an important ingredient of eastern foods, this enhances the taste of the food and creates fragrance which attracts the food lovers.

Cumin Tea is very effective to get relief from Stomach worms , To make the Cumin tea just boil few grams of Cumin in water and add little sugar in it, this tea will kill all the tapeworms that reside in intestine.

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