Home Remedy for Kidney Stones, Pain, causes and infection

what is Kidney Stones

Kidney is one of the major functions in human body which is control urine system. If have you have a kidney stones you will feel pain during urination there are some kidney stones symptoms kidney infection symptoms and  also feel blood in urine, pain in lower abdomen, vomiting, low quantity of urine. There are so many methods of  kidney stones treatment first is home remedy for kidney stone second is allopathic and etc. but the mostly people like kidney pain treatment in the form of home remedy for kidney stone.

The Kidneys are 2 organs placed under rib cage, Basic function of the kidneys is to filter the blood to separate the waste materials from blood by producing the urine. Although kidneys are integral part of our body however humans can stay alive and healthy even one kidney remains functional.

Symptoms of Kidney Infection

followings can be the symptoms of kidney infection which may indicate the stone in kidneys:

  • Pain in Back, side or abdominal pain
  • Frequent urination
  • Sense of burning or pain during the urination process
  • smell from urine during urination activity
  • cloudy color of urine
  • severe pain
  • Blood in urine


Home Remedy for Kidney Stone, Pain, causes and infection
Home Remedy for Kidney Stone, Pain, causes and infection

How to Take Care of Kidneys

Followings are the tips through which we can ensure the health of kidney and to avoid development of kidney stone.

  • Drink at least 10 to 12 glass water in a period of 24 hours, it will keep your kidneys functional , healthy and will avoid the development of kidney stone.
  • Drink at least 1 glass of water with lemon juice.
  • DO NOT drink the heavy water.
  • If you have history of any of the kidney related symptoms the avoid sweets, bakery items , chocolates , tomato , black pepper. These items could be the helpful to develop the kidney stone.
  • Kidney stone patient should avoid the rice.

What Causes the Kidney Stone

  • Family history of kidney stone increases the chances of kidney stone in new generation.
  • Intake of dirty water.
  • Dehydration  OR consumption of less water continuously may develop stone in kidney.

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

There are many treatments are available to pass the kidney stones however we are going to enlist the herbal tips to pass on the kidney stones:

  • Coconut water : Drink Coconut water daily, it will help the kidney stone to be passed on.
  • Black Cumin and Sugar : Take Black Cumin and Sugar in equal weight and make their powder by grinding them, use 1 tea spoon of this powder 3 times a day with cold water.
  • Watermelon : Kidney Stone patient should eat watermelon daily, it will help to pass out the stone.
  • Apple : Apple provides resistance against kidney stone.
  • Sugarcane : Kidney Stone patient should chew the sugarcane, it will break the kidney stone.
  • Beet,Carrot and Cucumber :  Mix the fresh juice of all these kitchen items and drink it daily, this will produce the healthy blood and will also clean your kidneys, Specially Beet is very helpful to pass out the kidney stone.
  • Watermelon Seeds : Take the seeds of Watermelon and dry them by placing is sun light, when you feel that these seeds are dry enough then grind them and take 1 table spoon of this herbal powder daily with water to break the kidney stone.

Health Tips for Kidney Stone Patient

Kidney stone patient should avoid the followings food items as these can help the kidney stone to get increased:

  • Milk and Milk products
  • Rice
  • Beans ( all type of beans)
  • Spinach
  • Tomato
  • Egg



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