Baldness treatment home remedies

What is baldness ?

baldness is a hair loss condition which is can be associated with age,genetics, dandruff or sometimes a hair fall disease.


herbal tips for baldness
Herbal Treatment of baldness

Herbal Tips for Baldness

Baldness treatment through Garlic and Antimony powder

Antimony powder is used for eye beautification in ancient cultures of the word, in South Asia it is also called as ‘Surma’,  Mix Antimony powder with Garlic paste and apply on the head where hair fall disease is attacking, after exercise of few months you will notice new hairs on your head.

Herbal treatment of baldness through Olive Oil

  1.  Apply Olive Oil on the bald area of your head for few month regularly.
  2. Alternatively , you can also mix the warm olive oil with 1 tea spoon honey and cinnamon powder, apply this oil on your head or infected area for 30 days.

Herbal tips for baldness through Onion

Take a piece of onion and rub it on the bald area of your head for 15 minutes, after  15 minutes apply the honey on same bald area for next 5 minutes and then wash the head. Repeat this exercise for few months to get the new hair.

Hair fall treatment through Lemon juice

Lemon contains lot of health benefits for us, beside these benefits this can also be used to control the hair fall problem, mix 1 tea spoon of Lemon juice and 1 tea spoon of coconut water and apply in roots of your hair.


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