Home Remedy for Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Halitosis is the medical terminology for Bad Breath, Person having Bad breath always feel difficulty to get close to other people which creates an inferior complex.
There are many mouth wash available in market to give relief from bad mouth smell.

What Causes Bad Breath

There could be multiple reasons of bad breath, some of them are as follows:
*) Medical history of Stomach problem like acidity or gastric issues, Lungs problem, ear and throat problems.
*) Anxiety or depression
*) Constant usage of Garlic, Onion or pungent foods.
*) Smoking
*) Irregularity in teeth brushing

Herbal Tips for Bad Breath :

Followings are the natural herbal medicine to get relief from bad breath:


Pomegranate has lot of benefits for human health like diabetes control,cough control,Teeth Pain Control etc, beside these befits Pomegranate is very effective to give the relief from bad breath problem. Following the recipe for bad breath :
*) Take the peel of Pomegranate.
*) Dry this peel by placing in sunlight, you can use any other method to dry the peel.
*) Grind this peel and take 1/2 tea spoon with water in morning and 1/2 tea spoon in evening.
As an alternate you can boil the Pomegranate peel and use it for gargling.

Eat Cumin for bad breath

Fry the Cumin without oil and eat it to get relief from bad smell of the mouth.

Eat Holy Basil for Bad Breath

Holy Basil is very effective herbal medicine for bad breath, eat few leaves of Holy Basil after having the meal, it will be helpful to improve digestion as well as it will give you the relief from bad breath.

Gargling of Lemon Juice

Take Lemon Juice and add it in fresh water, use this water for gargling to get rid of bad breath.
as an alternate , you can mix the lemon juice in rose water instead of water.

Coriander for Bad mouth smell

Eat Coriander in little quantity in a day to decrease the bad smell of mouth.

Ginger for Bad Breath

Take 1 tea spoon of Ginger juice and add it in Warm water, use this water for gargling to remove the bad breath smell.

Cardamom is best for Bad Breath

Cardamom is best herbal medicine to get relief from bad breath, Chew few Cardamoms after every meal, it will give very fresh sensation and will relief from bad breath.

Drink the Mint Tea for Bad Breath

Mint Tea after dinner is very good to reduce the bad breath.

Cinnamon for Bad Breath

*) Take 2 cups of water.
*) Add one piece of Cinnamon in this water, and place the water in a air packed bottle.
*) Use this water for gargling

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