Stomach Pain and Indigestion

Stomach is the a main organ of our body which receives the food we eat and it performs important role to digest this food. Too much eating or getting unbalanced diet enforces the stomach to start malfunctioning. Stomach patients normally complaint of abdominal pain which most of the times occurred due to stomach cramps, Severity of stomach problem can vary from a simple indigestion to severe pain of Ulcer and Cancer.

Symptoms of upset stomach :

1. Indigestion.
2. Vomiting.
3. Bloating.
4. Cramps.
5. Diarrhea.
6. Pain in Stomach.
7. Gastric Problem which feels like pain or stress at heart.
8. Heart burning.
9. Acidity.
10. Smelly Burping (بدبودارڈکار).
11. Lack of Appetite

Herbal Tips for better digestion and stomach problem
Herbal Tips for better digestion

Herbal Tips for Better Digestion:

First step of treatment is to settle the causes of stomach pain,Followings are the natural remedies for Stomach and indigestion problem, in case symptoms last for few weeks then consult your doctor immediately.

Home Remedy of Indigestion,Gas and Acidity

In case you face indigestion and gastric problem and feel heart burn after having meal, then following is the natural remedy for this:
1. Take 5 grams of Black cumin seed (سیاہ زیرا) .
2. Take 5 grams of Black Salt. (کالا نمک)
3. Take 5 grams of Garlic. (لہسن)
4. Take 5 Grams of Ginger. (ادرک)
5. Take 5 Grams of White peppercorn. (سفید مرچ)
6. Take 5 Grams of Black Pepper. (کالی مرچ)
7. Take 5 Grams of asafoetida. (ہینگ)
Grind all these and mix very well and then add little quantity of lemon juice to make their tablets. Use these tablet daily after meal it will reduce the gastric problem.
Note: if you are patient of high blood pressure then DO NOT try this remedy however other remedies available below can be used.
Tablet size should not be larger than maximum up-to 3 grams.

Indigestion Remedy Through Coconut

Drinking Coconut water 3 or 4 times a day is very helpful for acidity problem.

Natural Remedy of Nausea

( متلی کا قدرتی علاج )

Nausea is a major symbol that stomach is not functioning as it should be, following is the home made natural remedy that gives relief against Nausea.
1. Take 2 table spoon rice.
2. Boil these rice in 2 cup of water for 10 minutes. 3. After 10 minutes, drink this water in few attempts, it will give you relief from Nausea.

Home Remedy of Smelly Burping

( بدبودارڈکاروں کا گھریلو علاج )

Burping is a voice that is generated from our throat when we excrete air from our stomach through mouth, one major symbol of indigestion is smelly burping, following is the home made treatment for urgent relief:
1. Take 1 table spoon of Rose Extract.
2. Add 1 Star Anise in it.
Use this mixture it will stop your burping and will help for digestion.

Improving digestion through nature

( بدہضمی کا گھریلو علاج )

1. Melt the Gurh (Gurh is crystalline or raw shape of brown sugar).
2. Add well chopped ginger in it and let it dry.
Use this 2 or 3 times a day for better digestion.

Home Remedy of Diarrhea

( پیچش کا گھریلو علاج )

Diarrhea is also a symptom of stomach problem, following is the natural treatment of Diarrhea which can be tried before taking any other medicines.
1. Boil the Potato.
2. Add little Salt and Black Pepper om it.
Eat this potato before sleeping, it will relief you from Diarrhea.
Note: in Diarrhea always use O.R.S , in place of Potato you can also use Sweet Potato.

Gastric Problem Remedy through Ginger

( ادرک سے گیس کا گھریلو علاج )

When stomach remains unable to digest the food properly then it produces the gases, some times these gases get released in shape of Burps and some time in shape of flatulence however if these gases get stuck in stomach these create pain near your heart.Following is the home made remedy for gastric problem.
1. Take 1 table spoon of Ginger Juice.
2. Add a pinch of salt in it and use in morning.
Note: if you are high blood pressure patient then DO NOT try this without permission of your doctor.

Gastric Problem Remedy through Fennel

( سونف سے گیس کا گھریلو علاج )

1. Take 2 table spoon of Fennel ( سونف ).
2. Take 1 tea spoon of Celery Seeds (اجوائن) .
3. Take 11 pieces of Black Pepper.
4. Few leaves of Mint.
5. A little quantity.
Mix all the above mentioned ingredients and start boiling in 3 cup of water. Turn off the stove when 2 cup of water gets remained.
Use this water two or three times a day, it is very helpful for gastric problem.

Gastric problem Treatment Through Turmeric

1. Take 1 gram of Turmeric Powder.
2. Take 1 gram of salt.
use this with little warm water, it is a tonic to excrete extra gases.

Natural Treatment for Stomach Pain or Ulcer

1. 1/2 cup of Bitter cucumber juice.
2. Add 1 table spoon of honey.
Use this mixture at-least once in a day specially in morning for 3 months, it is very effective for ulcers and stomachache.

Stomach Ulcer Remedy Through Cabbage

( بند گوبھی سے معدے کا گھریلو علاج )

Use 1 glass of Cabbage juice three times a day, repeat this treatment for 2 weeks, it is effective for stomach pain and ulcer.

Remedy for Lack Of Appetite

Take dry ginger powder and black salt, apply these both on Orange and eat, it will increase your appetite by improving stomach function.

Ulcer Treatment Through atropine plant

( مکو یاکاچ ماچ سے معدے کا گھریلو علاج )

atropine plant is a small plant which has capability to rescue for swollen stomach , liver , Spleen and intestine.Atropine fruit look likes very small balls, eating these fruits atleast two weeks resolves the ulcer problem and reduce the swolen problem

Heart Burn Remedy Through Dates

( کھجور سے معدے کا گھریلو علاج )

1. Dip 5 pieces of Dates in 1 glass of water in every night.
2. In Morning crush these Dates and add 1 table spoon of honey.
Drink this sweet water every morning to relief heart burn problem.
Note: Heart Burn is associated with large consumption of spices therefore it is mandatory to reduce spicy and oily things from your meal for constant relief.

Heart Burn Remedy through Carrots

گاجر سے معدے کا گھریلو علاج

1. Take 1 glass of Carrots Juice.
2. Take 5-8 slices of onion ( just like we slice it for salad).
3. Wash this onion with Carrots juice and then add little green Coriander.
eat these slices to reduce heart burn problem.

Heart Burn Treatment Through Dry Coconut

کھوپرے سے معدے کا گھریلو علاج

1. fry the Fennel without oil.
2. Add few Chinese parsley.
3. Add few Small cardamom.
4. Add crushed dry coconut.
Chew this mixture after having meal to reduce heart burn problem.


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