How To Reduce Ear Pain

Earache is a pain under lower side of ear or inside the ear. There could be multiple reasons of ear pain like due Cold and Flue or Due to excessive ear wax or due to muscular stress.

Herbal Tips for Earache
Natural Remedy For Ear Pain

Remedy :

Earache Relief Through Marigold flower

( گیندے کے پھول سے علاج )

usage of Marigold flower as herbal medicine is established since centuries,followings are the steps to relief the earache through water of Marigold flower.
1. Take extract of Marigold flower.
2. Filter the extracted water very well to ensure that there is NO hard particles.
2. put 3 drops in ear which is causing the pain.
it will relief the pain.

Earache Relief Through Arjun tree

( ارجن کے درخت کے پتوں سے علاج )

1. Take few leaves of Arjun tree and get their extract (Water) by grinding them
2. Filter the water to ensure that there is NO hard particle of these leaves.
3. Use 3 drops of this extract in your ear to get urgent relief from ear pain.

Earache Relief Through Natural Honey

( شہد سے علاج )

Put 2 drops of Natural honey in your infected ear to get relief from pain.

Earache Relief Through Holy Basil Oil

( تلسی سے علاج )

Holy Basil is a plant that is traditionally used in cooking to increase the good taste and fragrance of the food, using its 2 or 3 drops in infected ear reduce the causes of earache.

Earache Relief Through Ginger Extract

( ادرک سے علاج )

Ginger is an integral part of eastern food, beside its usage in food to enhance the taste it is very helpful natural remedy for different diseases like Gastric problem,constipation,cough,ear pain, followings are steps to relief from earache by using ginger.
1. Take a fresh ginger and press it very well to get its water/extract.
2. Filter this water to ensure that there is NO hard particle of ginger in extracted water, for this purpose you can use a piece of cloth.
3. Put 2 or 3 drops in infected ear to get relief.

Natural Earache Relief Through Onion Extract

( پیاز کے پانی سے علاج )

Onion is very common vegetable and part of our kitchen since centuries, it is very useful for urgent and natural remedy from ear pain, this herbal treatment can be followed when you feel ear pain in night.Take an Onion and get its water by pressing it very well, put 2 or 3 drops of this onion water in your infected ear to reduce the pain.

Natural Earache Relief Through Mustard Oil

( سرسوں کے تیل سے علاج )

Mustard oil contains lot of benefits for our health, in some parts of south Asia it has been used to cook the food in place of modern cooking oils. Following is one of the very effective home made remedy of earache. 1. Take Mustard Oil.
2. Add a Garlic in it and warm the oil. 3. After that remove the garlic from oil and use 2 or 3 drops of oil in infected ear. Note: Mustard oil should be little warm but it should not be very hot to burn the skin of your ear.

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