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home remedies for eyes problem

Eyes are one of best gifts that has been awarded to human through which we see the world around us. Eyes requires our attention to keep them healthy.Here we are going to enlist few tips and home remedies to take care of the eyes.

Eye Care
Take care of your eyes

Herbal Tips for Eye Care:

Tiredness Of Eyes

Some times eyes get tired after continuous usage like book reading, watching TV,computer or cell phone,working under very low or very high light.
The most obvious symptom of eye tiredness is heaviness or pain in eyes, watery eyes. Following is the home made natural remedy to rescue from tiredness of eyes.
1. Take 10 Tea spoon of black tea.
2. Mix 2 Tea spoon of white Cumin in above mentioned quantity of Tea.
3. Take 1 cup of water and add the above mentioned mixture in it.
4. After 1 hour take a small cotton and dip it in the water that is mentioned above.
5. Place this wet cotton on your closed eyes for 5 minutes, it will release the eye tiredness and will give them healthy and fresh look.

Pain in Eyes

Sometimes blood does reach to the eyes with its full capacity which causes eye sight weakness and constant pain in eyes, following is the home remedy to cure from eye pain:
1. Take Mustard Oil and apply it on eye brows before going to sleep. It is very magical treatment to rescue from eye pain.

Home Remedy for Burning Eyes

Following the home remedy for Eyes burning:
1. take slices of fresh Cucumber and place on your closed eyes for 10 minutes, it will give you freshness in your eyes and sense of burning will get vanish.
For better results this process can be repeated 3 to 4 times a day.
Note: If this exercise is done in a dark room then its effectiveness will get increased.

Home Remedy for Itching Eyes

Dust and pollution creates itching in eyes,sometimes a shiny redness appears in eyes in result of itching, following is the natural remedy for eye itching.
1. Take water in a Clay made Cup or glass, If clay made cup is not available then any other cup can be used.
2. Add 1 tea spoon of Aniseed in this water and place in a refrigerator for 1 night.
3. In morning, filter this water to separate the Aniseed, and then wash your eyes with this water.
Note: While washing your eyes with water DO NOT rub your eyes or DO NOT apply water from too far, always be gentle.

Home Remedies Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Continuous awakening or lack of sleep creates dark circles around eyes, which gives an unhealthy look of your face, followings are the home remedies to rescue you against dark circles around eyes.
1. 1 Tea spoon of Tomato juice.
2. 1/2 Tea spoon of Lemon Juice.
3. 1 pinch of Turmeric.
4. Mix all the above mentioned ingredients to make their paste, apply this paste around your eyes for 10 minutes.
5. After 10 minutes, wash your face with cold water.

This exercise will remove your dark circles with in 7 days.

Dark Circles Under Eyes -7 Days Home Remedy

Mix 1 tea spoon honey in 1 cup cold water, dip a small cotton or cloth in this water and place it on your closed eyes.
Repeat the treatment for 7 days to remove dark circles around eyes.

Dark Circles Under Eyes – Remedy Through Potato

Place 2 slices of potato on your eyes for 15 minutes to remove dark circles around your eyes.

Dark Circles Under Eyes – Remedy Through Carrots

Mix crushed carrots and egg yolk and apply its mask around your eyes for 15 minutes, after that wash your face with fresh water.

how to increase eyesight – Home Remedy Through Carrots Juice

Eyesight weakness is a normal problem, There are certain treatment which can increase the eyesight. Following is very effective home made herbal medicine which can increase the eyesight in few months.
1. Take 1/2 Kilogram Aniseed in a clean glass made dish.
2. Mix enough quantity of Carrot juice with these Aniseed so that all Aniseed could get wet with this juice.
3. Leave this dish as is for 1 hour so that all Aniseed get dry.
4. After 1 hour, add same quantity of Carrot juice in Aniseed and mix them very well.
5. Again, place the Aniseed dish in open air for another 1 hour.
6. Repeat the process once again by adding carrot juice in Aniseed and place it for another 1 hour to let it dry completely .
Note: All above steps will take around 3 hours in total,after completing the above mentioned process follow the given below steps:
7.Mix 1/8 Kilogram Sugar in Aniseed and grind it with the help of electric grinder.
Take 1 tea spoon with milk before going to bed, it will help you to recover your eyesight with in few months.

how to increase eyesight – Home Remedy Through Coconut

Mix Coconut with crystallized sugar lumps (مسری) and use it every day, it is historically known herbal medicine to increase eyesight.

how to improve eyesight – Home Remedy Through Almond and Aniseed

Eyesight can be improved by following different home made herbal treatment and medicines, following is the natural home made remedy of weak eyesight:
1. Almond 7 pieces. 2. Aniseed 6 grams.
3. crystallized sugar lumps (مسری) 10 ) grams
Grind all the above mentioned ingredients and eat 1 tea spoon with milk before going to bed for sleeping,after 6 weeks you will feel improvement in your eyesight.
Note: DO NOT drink water for 1 hour after taking this medicine.

home remedy of swollen eyes

1. Take water of Green Pumpkin Peel (کدوکے چھلے کا پانی) and add it in Rose extract, use 2 drops twice a day to decrease swollen of your eyes.
Note: Simple Rose extract can also be used.

Watery Eyes Home Remedy Through Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains lot of health benefits like constipation,weakness,fever,Liver problem,Mouth Ulcer;Acidity and Watery Eyes. Followings is the Natural Remedy of Watery Eyes.
1. Aloe Vera.
2. White Cumin.
3. Alum.
Grind all them very well and pack in a soft cloth to make its packet, place the cloth packet on closed eyes, repeating this process 2 or 3 times a day will relief the watery eyes.


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