Home Remedy for Flu and Cold

What is Flu?

Flu is short form of Influenza, It is a viral infection which spreads from human to human and sometimes from animal to human and vice-versa. Flu normally creates congestion in upper side of body,respiratory system and head.
There are many types of flu but most common flu is associated with cold and seasonal changes. Flu can attack in any season however it spreads frequently in winter and in early spring.
Influenza virus has been divided into 3 main categories which are Type A,B and C.
Seasonal flu is normally not life threatening however followings can be life threatening flu.

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Swine flu

Swine flu is a type of Influenza virus that spreads from pig,People who live with or work around Pigs are more likely to have swine flu, similarly swine flu patients can be the carrier of this virus which spreads when they breath .

Bird flu

Bird flu is a type of Influenza virus that spreads from Birds, People who live with or work around birds or Bird Flu infected human are most likely to have Bird flue, another cause of spreading the bird flu is eating under cooked eggs or bird meat like chicken.
Note: Any flu patient who fulfills the above mentioned criteria should immediately consult with doctor.

Herbal treatment of flu
flu is a common viral problem

Symptoms of flu:

Followings are the flu like symptoms, you may have more than one symptoms at a time:
1. Congestion in respiratory system
2. Sore Throat
3. Sneezing
4. Heavy Head or burden on head
5. Cough
6. Discomfort in Chest
7. Headache
8. Pain or stress in muscles near to neck
9. Fever which also termed as flu fever
10. Closed nose or congestion in nose
11. Fatigue
12. Weakness
influenza symptoms that are mentioned above are very common however Diarrhea is also observed in some people as result of influenza virus.

Flu Duration

flu duration is 5-7 days, after this span of time , it automatically gets off.

Herbal Tips for FluĀ :

Followings are the natural cold remedies that gives relief to the patient:

Home Remedies For Flu:

1. Eat Roasted Gram Or Chickpeas for relief from flu

Roasted Gram or Chickpeas are very effective to reduce the severity of flu and to make the respiration easy, in addition it is very effective to decrease the weight.

2. Natural Remedy of Clod and Flu Through Aniseed

a. Aniseed 12 grams.
b. Indian Spice Clove 7 pieces.
Boil these both in water for at least 15 minutes, After 15 minutes add crystallized sugar lumps, use this water 3-4 times a day to get relief from flu.

3. Eat Almonds

Almonds are healthy dry fruits that have lot of benefits, it is very helpful for constipation,brain weakness and memory loss,eyesight weakness,back pain and Flu.
Eating Almonds regularly keeps you safe from severity of flu.
If you have facing severe flu and respiration is becoming difficult due to closeness of nose then take 11 almonds and pack them in a cloth, place this cloth in a pressure cooker ( while baking any food ), after few minutes take out these almonds and eat them.
This exercise will remove the old and permanent flu within few days.

4. Flu Remedy Through Ginger

Eating Ginger water with honey is very effective to reduce the severity of flu, it is also helpful to reduce the cough.

5. Drink Honey with Warm Water for flu

Drinking honey in warm water is very efficient tonic for flu and cough.

6. Turmeric is very effective home remedy for flu

Turmeric should be solved in a glass of warm water, it soothers the respiration system and relaxes the head.

6. Flu treatment through Gourd Oil

Take 1 tea spoon of Gourd Oil or Pumpkin oil to relief from flu and cough.

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