Depression and anxiety is human behavior in which people feel hopelessness,failure,defeat,guilty,sadness with our without any reason.

Anxiety Symptoms :

1) Feeling like cry,weep or heavy heart.
2) Helplessness. ( بے یارومددگار )
3) Hopelessness. ( ناامید )
4) Pain in different parts of body specially near your neck without any tiredness or physical activity. ( بے جان جسم )
5) Feeling like people DO NOT like me.
6) Lack of Sleep even after many hours of awakening OR feeling sleepy even after long sleep.
7) Thinking on a specific point un-intentionally. ( غیر ارادی سوچ )
8) Anger.
9) Sense of Defeat. ( احساس شکست )
10) Weakness , lack of energy or physical drained without physical or mental activity. ( بلاوجہ تھکاوٹ )
11) Increase in hate for a specific person or inner self and may lead to a murder or suicide.( خود سے نفرت یا دوسروں سے نفرت )
12) Carelessness or disowning the things and belonging.
13) Loss of consciousness. ( حواس باختہ )

Herbal treatment of depression
Herbal Treatment of depression

Natural Tips for Depression:

Change Your Environment

As depression is related to the human mood which are controlled by human mind , therefore changing the environment is very beneficial to reduce the sense of depression, if you are at home then just go out side somewhere in park and start observing the nature.

Start Observing Others

( مشاہدہ کریں )

In case you are feeling depressed, then start observing those people which are less blessed than you, it will help out your brain to start thinking in positive way.

Sit In Sunlight

Sitting in Sunlight is very helpful therapy to relief the symptoms of depression. People who work hard in sunlight are less depressed against who work or live away from sunlight.sitting at least 15-30 minutes a day is good enough.

Walking or Jogging

Walking or jogging helps the brain to release the enzymes which soother the depression. Spending minimum 30 minutes is must. A continuous walk or exercise will stop increasing the stress symptoms.


( مراقبہ سے ڈپریشن کا علاج )

Meditation is a technique which resembles the yoga and very effective to reduce depression , in meditation you will have to start concentrating a single point which will empower your mind to ignore negative thoughts being produced in result of depression.
Historically this has been practice by saints.

Discuss With Others

Discussion regarding your depression normally give relief , join your friends in a hotel or nearby park and discuss your issues, similarly you can join some one elder who lives in surrounding to discuss your issues.

Eat Fish

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids and it is very effective to relief the depression.

Start Using Saffron

( زعفران سے ڈپریشن کا علاج )

saffron is used in past civilizations to decrease signs of depressions.around 30 – 60 grams of Safron a day can reduce the depression significantly.

Drink Turmeric Water

a glass of Turmeric water can release the depression, please be noted that it should not be used during pregnancy without consultation of a doctor.

Honey and Almond

Dip 10 almonds in honey in night and eat them along with honey in morning.

Green Pumpkin Or Green Gourd

( کدو یا لوکی سے ڈپریشن کا علاج)

Crush Green pumpkin into small pieces and mix it with yogurt, apply this yogurt on your feet and on your palms , this will reduce the sense of depression.

Pumpkin Oil

( روغن کدو )

Apply Pumpkin oil on neck,head, forehead and near to ear on daily basis, it will release the depression state of your mind.

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