Home Remedies for hiccups

Hiccups are the sounds that are produced involuntarily when some muscles get extracted or closed.
Normally it is linked with Dryness of throat and stomach. It is a common question that why do we get hiccups, we have enlisted the possible reasons for you which are the followings

Reason for hiccups

followings are the possible causes of hiccups.
1. Eating Dry bread.
2. Eating too much.
3. Eating very fast.
4. Consumption of ALchohlic beverages.
5. Impact of some medicine.
6. Stomach problem.


Remedy :

If you are looking to know that how to stop hiccups fast, followings are the natural hiccup remedies, these hiccups treatment are very easy to be followed and are used widely in east Asia and neighboring countries since centuries.:
1. Drink Water, as it will remove dryness of your throat and stomach
2. Take few Cloves and chew them , hiccups will get recover
3. Turmeric powder can be used with water for relief.
4. Black cumin can be used with warm water to minimize the hiccups.
5. Take a carrot and grind it and sniff this, it will be helpful. 6. If an infant is facing hiccups then a little amount of honey can also be utilized.
7. In Case of Hiccups, eat a little pinch of salt, it will relief from hiccups.



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