Home Remedy for Skin Whitening

Humans are the most beautiful creation of this universe, every attraction of this world revolves around humans and every human want to look beautiful, we have disclosed the beauty secrets by providing free skin care beauty tips.

Herbal Treatment for skin care
Skin requires attention

Herbal Tips for Skin Care:

Beautiful Hands

Skin of Hands get rough after the passage of time therefore it is mandatory to take care of hands to keep them beautiful. Following is the home made natural lotion for hands:
1. Glycerin 10 grams.
2. Fresh Lemon Juice 10 grams.
Mix both above mentioned ingredients and apply on your hands 3 to 4 times a day.
Note: Place in refrigerator to keep the lotion fresh and effective.

Best Face Washer

There are lot of creams and lotions that available in market for face wash or face cleansing, these lotions are very much costly and also have side effects, following is the home made face wash lotion which is 100 % natural and free of any harms.
1. Take 1 glass of water , place 10 flowers of Mari Gold in water and start it boiling on low heat.
2. After 5-10 minutes, turn off the stove and place the water in refrigerator. 3. Your face care lotion is ready , you can apply this lotion on your face daily with the help of cotton, it will keep your face fresh, pimples free and beautiful.

Dry Hairs

If your hair are dry and rough, use the following home made natural shampoo to make them shiny and attractive:
1. One Cup of Milk without cream
2. One Egg.
Mix the above mentioned ingredients and apply on your hair for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes wash your hair with any soap or shampoo.
Note: use this home made natural remedy at least once in a week.

Pinklips Naturally

Most of the women have only 1 question in their mind regarding their beauty that how to get pink lips, following is the natural way to make your lips pink and naturally beautiful:
1. Take little quantity of fresh Milk Cream.
2. Add few drops of fresh lemon juice.
Mix both ingredients and apply on lips to make them naturally red.

Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

following is the home remedy for cracked heels.
1. One tea spoon of petroleum jelly or Vaseline.
2. Little quantity of lipstick ( you can use any old lipstick for this purpose).
Mix both and apply on both feet very well, after that wear the cotton made socks and you will feel very good impact on next morning.
Note: Use this mask in night.

Face Freshness

1. Rose Water.
2. Little quantity of Cold Cream.
Mix the rose water with cold cream and apply on face twice a day to make it fresh and healthy.

Spots on Face – Turmeric Mask

Spot on face decrease the beauty of the face, following is the home made mask to increase natural beauty by removing face spots.
1. Turmeric powder.
2. Gram flour or Chickpea flour.
3. Little quantity of Milk.
Mix all the above items and make their mask, apply this mask at your face for 15 minutes and after 15 minutes wash your face with any available soap.
Repeating the process twice a week will reduce the face spots.

Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

Following is the treatment of Oily Skin .
Take a large slice of tomato and rub it slightly on your face for at least 15 minutes, it will remove the oil from your skin.
After 15 minutes , wash your face with water.

how remove dead skin from face

Dead Skin on face look very odd, following is the home made natural treatment to remove dead skin form face.
1. Almond Powder, you can grind almonds yourself.
2. Orange Peel (grind Orange Peel to make its powder).
3. Maize Flour.
4. Cold Milk.
5. Few Drops of Lemon Juice.
Mix all the above mentioned ingredients and apply the paste on face with gentle hands for around 20 minutes,after 20 minutes wash your face, it will remove your dead skin and will give a healthy and fresh look.
Note : Same paste can be used on hands and foot as well.

Pimple On Face

Following is the home remedy for pimple on face.
1. Garlic Juice 2 tea spoon.
2. Vinegar 2 tea spoon.
Mix both and apply on face for few weeks to reduce pimples on face.
Garlic contains lot of health benefits other than mentioned here, following video provides a good information of garlic benefits

Brown Spot On Face

Following is the remedy for Brown Spots on Face:
1. Take 1 Tea Spoon Of Onion Juice.
2. Add 2 Table Spoon of Vinegar.

home made skin care lotion

Woman with dry and sensitive skin have to use different lotions and masks to keep their skin fresh and healthy, following is the home made lotion for dry skin which can be used at face as well as at hands and foot. This natural skin care recipes is easy to create at home:
1. Olive Oil 2 table spoon
2. Rose Water 1/2 bottle.
3. Lemon Juice 3 Tea spoon.
4. Glycerin 1/2 Tea spoon.
Mix the above mentioned ingredients and apply on your face , hands and feet to remove the dryness.
Apply the paste 2 or 3 times daily to remove brown spots from face.

how to treat wrinkles

Following is the treatment of wrinkles.
1. Apply aloe Vera juice on face before going to sleep , it will relief the wrinkles.
1. Boil a Potato.
2. add 1 drop Vinegar.
3. add 2 drops of Glycerin
4. a pinch of salt. Apply this paste for 20 minutes to remove wrinkles.

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