How to Control Obesity

What is Obesity

Obesity or fatness is very common issue of this age, there are certain medicines available in market to decrease the extra fats however these medicines are not likely to be used due to side effects.

Symptoms Of Obesity :

1. Extra Weight.
2. Large belly

Obesity control through herbal treatment
How to loose weight

Diseases that can be caused due to Obesity :

1. Diabetes
2. Heart attack
3. Blood Pressure
4. Chances of stone in Gallbladder
5. Issues in Re-productive system
6. Pain in Bones due to over weight
7. High risk of migraine

Home Remedies to control the Weight

Best ways to reduce obesity is controlling through food intake, following food intake plan can be helpful in this regards.
1. Instead of getting 3 big meals , divide it into 5-6 small meals. 2. DO NOT skip the meals.
3. White Sugar is like white poison, avoid using white sugar as much as possible, however you can use honey in little quantity as replacement of white sugar.
4. Reduce usage of Oil/cheese and fats
5. Start using boiled vegetables and boiled chicken.
6. Stop Beverages and fresh juices.
7. Avoid bakery items
8. Start walking or jogging to dissolve extra calories.
9. Try to take you dinner as early as possible and there should be around 1.5 hours duration between your dinner and sleep time.


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