Home Remedy for Migraine

Migraine is very common type of headache, it is also refereed as half head pain or one side head pain.It can start from right or left side of eye brow and can go backside of your head.
. Medical science is still unable to find the actual root cause of Migraine however you can easily find out the triggers of your migraine.

Possible Triggers of Migraine:

followings are few possible triggers of migraine:
1. Sensitivity from high beam light e.g. light of cars coming from opposite side while driving.
2. Sensitivity from sun light
3. Sensitivity from Noise
4. Sensitivity from reflective surface e.g. reflection of water near a pond or ocean etc.
5. Continuous lack of sleep OR continuous excessive sleep
6. Stress
7. Odor or perfume smell
8. Usage of wine
9. Unbalanced diet or skipping the foods.
10. Digestion Problem and Gases. 11. excessive work or tiredness
12. excessive

Herbal Treatment for Migraine
Migraine Headache

Symptoms :

followings are the migraine symptoms:
1. Pain in left or right side of forehead.
2. Pain in left or right eyebrow and eye.
3. Blockage of one side of nose.
4. Vomiting or feel like vomiting
5. feeling faint or dizziness
6. Stress in shoulders

Remedy :

There could be multiple home remedies of urgent relief , please note that these remedies should not be treated as alternate to prescribed medicine by a certified practitioner/doctor:

Home Remedy through water :

1. Take 3 litter water.
2. Add 3 table spoon salt in it.
3. Boil the water at moderate heat (LukeWarm).
4. place your feet in this water for 15-20 minutes

Home Remedy Through Ginger :

1. Take dry ginger.
2. Get 2 or 3 tea spoon water
3. Dip this dry ginger in this water and start rubbing this ginger at place of pain at your head.



Home Remedy Through Coriander and Raisins :

1. Get few seeds of Dried Coriander.
2. Take few raisins ( also called kishmish)
3. Dip the both in one 1/2 glass of water for few hours.
4. Place this glass on room temperature.
5. Drink this water for relief.

Home Remedy through Black Tea and Lemon :

1. Cook one cup of black tea (without milk).
2. Add little sugar if you like
3. Add few drops of lemon juice in it.
this black tea will help to decrease the migraine attack.

Home Remedy Through Turmeric :

1. Boil 1 cup of water with 1 tea spoon of Turmeric.
2. drink this water or take its steam.

Home Remedy Through Black Pepper :

1. Take 6 or 7 Back Pepper.
2. Fry them without oil and without water.
3. Take breath near to this warm black pepper.

Home Remedy Through Wood Charcoal :

1. Take little quantity of Wood Charcoal and set fire on them.
2. Put few tea spoon white sugar on these burning Wood Charcoal.
3. Take few breath near these burning Wood Charcoal, it will soother your migraine.

Home Remedy Through cinnamon :

If migraine attacked in winter season then there are chances it is due to coldness, if you are facing migraine due to coldness then please try following home made remedy:
1. Take cinnamon Powder and add little warm water in it.
2. Apply this paste at your forehead and near to your ears


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