High Blood Pressure

In this century millions of people are affecting with hypertension or high blood pressure it’s very dangerous for health. There are many signs and symptoms of high blood pressure or hypertension. Mostly people feel headache due to high BP. Patients should also feel headache, palpitation of heart, fatigue, tiredness, vertigo, and also feel dizziness. Many people want to know about high blood pressure symptoms and also know that what is hypertension? What causes high blood pressure? High blood pressure symptoms? Blood pressure chart?  Normal blood pressure? How to lower blood pressure? Symptoms of high blood pressure? Home Remedy for high Blood Pressure


What is Blood Pressure ?

Heart pumps the blood in arteries, when pressure of this blood increases at walls of arteries than its normal range i.e. 80 to 120 it is called high blood pressure.
High blood pressure is termed as Silent Killer as this it self is not a disease but it causes to create many diseases like heart problem,failure of kidneys etc.

Who can be affected by blood pressure?

This a very common question that who can get effected by blood pressure and what causes high blood pressure ?  Followings can be few causes of high blood pressure:
1. People having blood pressure history in blood relations.
2. People having extra weight or over weight according to Body Mass Index (BMI).
3. People having unbalance diet like high fat,high cholesterol diets or salty diets.
4. People working in tense environment .
5. People having depression due to any reason.
6. Side effect of medicines.
7. Smoking.
8. Age can also be a factor.
9. Lack of physical activity

high blood pressure symptoms

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure :

1. Headache.
2. Tension with no reason also called anxiety.
3. Feeling problem while taking breath or seems like breath is getting shorter.
4. Anger or aggression with no reason .
5. Faster heartbeat.
6. Nosebleeds.




Blood Pressure Chart

following is blood pressure index which will guide you about severity level of your blood.


Blood pressure Stages Lower Range Higher Range What to do?
Normal Blood Pressure 80 120 No worry,just enjoy the life 🙂
Pre-hypertension up to 89 up to 139 No worry, just re-visit your lifestyle and start walking and taking healthy


Stage 1 High Blood pressure up to 99 up to 159 Consult your doctor and check your lifestyle, seems something is going wrong,

take care of yourself

Stage 2 High Blood pressure 100 or higher 160 or higher Consult your doctor and check your lifestyle, check if your taking any


Home remedy for high blood pressure:

1. Change your lifestyle, re-visit your diet quantity and quality.
2. Loose your weight,Start walking for 40 to 45 minutes a day, it will improve your health.
3. Decrease the salt.
4. Avoid fatty and high cholesterol foods like beef,pork,Egg yolk etc.
5. Add Garlic in your daily food , you can take 2 drops of garlic juice on daily basis to decrease the high blood pressure reasons.
5. Increase water in-take.
6. Few drops of lemon juice along with a glass of warm water is effective remedy for high blood pressure.
7. Dry water melon seeds and grind them, take 1/2 tea spoon with warm water in every morning.
8. 4-5 drops of garlic juice is very effective, if you feel heart burning due this then reduce the juice quantity and use it with warm water.
9. Take 2 banana everyday.
10. Coconut is very effective better flow of blood, its water is also very helpful.

Complications caused due to high blood pressure

Blood pressure can cause many severe disease few of them are followings: 1. Heart problem including heart attack.
2. Kidney problem.
3. Memory loss .
4. thin lines of blood vessels in eyes.


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