Home Remedy for Headache

Headache is very common disease which can be found in every age and gender, there could be multiple reasons of headache and severity level can also vary from person to person. The most common headache is migraine which is normally termed as half head pain. There could be multiple reasons of headaches including tension and stress, thickness or blockage of blood , eyesight weakness , cold or flue ,migraine , Sinus problem or Nasal Congestion

Herbal Tips for Headache

Symptoms :

1. Pain in Front Head
2. Pain in right or left side
3. Pain in eyebrow
4. Pain in eyebrow or one side of forehead and vomiting

Headache Remedy Through Herbal Tea:

1. Take 1 cup of water and start boiling it.
2. add 1 tea spoon of black tea (without milk) in it.
3. after 3-5 minutes, this back tea will be ready.
4. add little sugar if you like.
5. include 5 to 6 drops of lemon juice in it.
6. drink this black tea or rub/massage this at your forehead and neck.
If your pain is continuous pain then consult your doctor for advice.

Headache Remedy Through Mustard Oil:

1. Take few table spoon of oil like Mustard Oil.
2. Add 1 table spoon of garlic juice in it.
3. Apply on sides of your head.

Remedy Through Gourd Pumpkin:

Eat Gourd Pumpkin as part of daily food, it will decrease the headache problem.

Remedy of Headache through Beets or BeetRoot

if you feel heaviness in head and constant pain in forehead or sides of forehead then Beets is the best remedy that is available in your kitchen, following is the process to make remedy at home:
1. Take a BeetRoot or Beets and slice it , you can also slice its leaves if these are not very hard.
2. Boil these slices in 1 glass of water.
3. Eat the slices after boiling 3 to 4 times.
4. Repeat the process for few days , it will recover your constant headaches.

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