Home Remedy for Diabetes

whatever food we eat in our routine life contains glucose or sugar,This sugar goes into our blood along with food particles, Insulin is required to reduce the sugar level in blood, we have an organ Pancreas which produces this insulin for us.
When Pancreas produces less amount of insulin it is called Diabetes

Herbal Tips for Diabetes
Diabetes can lead to the death

Symptoms :

Followings are the few symptoms of Diabetes: 1. Frequent need of urination or urge to pass urine multiple time specially during the night
2. Fatigue or tiredness
3. Increase is anger
4. Abnormal hunger
5. Dry Throat and feeling or thirsty , urge to have more water
6. Eyesight weakness
7. Slow healing of wounds
8. Reduced re-productive power

We did not hear about diabetes in our forefathers?

This is science era where many machines have been invented to make our life easy,one negative impact of these machines was that we decreased to use our body muscles to perform different tasks of our daily life.

Who is at Risk ?

1. Fatty or over weight people are the easy target of diabetes.
2. The person who have any blood relation with same disease.
3. Depression or tension is one of the major root cause.

Remedy :

Unfortunately there is currently NO medicine through which Pancreas function could be restored.
Good news is that insulin tablet or injection can be used as per advice of a doctor to control the level of sugar.
Followings are the few home based remedies which can be used in addition to medicines:


Home Remedy # 1 :

1. take one cup of Black caraway or Black cumin or Roman coriander or kalonji.
2. take one cup of Pomegranate dry peel (external layer of Pomegranate).
3. Grind these and mix with each other and use 1/2 tea spoon with water on room temperature.

Home Remedy # 2 :

1. take 10 grams of dry Fennel.
2. take 10 grams of dry Indian gooseberry.
3. Drind and mix it and use 1/2 tea spoon with water at room temperature.

Home Remedy # 3 :

1. take 1 KG of Bitter cucumber or Bitter Gourd.
2. dry and grind this.
3. use 1/4 tea spoon with water on room temperature.

Preferences for diabetic person:

1. Reduce fats in daily life.
2. say NO to sweets.
3. Start walking in evening and morning, around 40-45 minutes walk would be considered as a normal walk.


1.Keep an eye on your sugar level on daily basis, Buy a gluco-meter to check it.
2. Download the diet plan for sugar or diabetes and follow it religiously.
3. Take 1 glass of skimmed milk ( without fats)

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